Sunday, February 08, 2004


Haven't written for awhile, which is bad. I've just posted a session report for last week's Rogue Trooper game to Spielfrieks, Nigglybits and Boardgamegeek. I don't feel I've been participating in the games forums as much as I should, considering how much they've returned to me.

The experience with Short and Sweet and the free workshop I got out of it has encouraged me to work on my script writing more than short story writing, though I still need to finish my story for the Conflux short story competition. I like theatre, but I don't think it really reaches the audience it needs to address. It's fine to criticise the Howard government's approach to refugees but as long as it's within theatre it's preaching to the converted. This is the problem I have with a lot of satire in Australia. So much of it confirms opinions, it doesn't challenge them.

Though Tom Lehrer appears to be right. It's impossible to be a satirist in a world where Bush, Blair and Howard are announcing investigations into their lack of intelligence.

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