Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Quick Poll

Which science fiction/fantasy hero/villain is George W Bush?

Is he...

Captain Kirk? - Going boldly where no man has gone before. Using the Prime Directive as more a guideline than an iron-clad law to bring peace to war-torn worlds on behalf of the Federation.

Doctor Who? - Seemingly a bumbling amateur who somehow manages to resolve complex conflicts through a combination of misdirection and superior technology

Aragorn? - Son of a king who has spent years in the wilderness before claiming his rightful inheritance and uniting the free world against tyranny.

John Sheridan? - Nukes solve everything.

Sauron? - His eye is everywhere, and all he wants is ultimate power

Darth Vader? - The rebellion must be crushed at all costs

The Hulk? - You won't like him when he's angry

Elric? - Drug addled anti-hero who gains strength from a weapon of ultimate evil

The Cigarette Smoking Man? - The truth is out there, but not if he can help it

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