Monday, May 17, 2004

Internet Justice

This is a classic story of the biter bit

What's interesting is the virtual flash mob that came into being from the bulletin board which allowed for transnational surveillance of the reverse-scam.

Imagine if this was used for political purposes....

More Writing Update

Brett and I have changed the title our radio play from Unholy Matrimony to With This Ring I Thee DEAD! which is still not the perfect title, but is misleading enough in just the right way. We both agree it makes it sound like the title to a McBain film. The performance date is either the 12th or 19th of September. We've sent the revised script off Laura and are awaiting her comments. She has also indicated that they are approaching Tex Perkins to play the priest.

This is great, but I need to get another story together in time for the Thorby Writing Group at the end of May.

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