Thursday, April 01, 2004

Student Protests

Admittedly I missed all the excitement of the student protest yesterday as I was in another part of UTS. But I still got to leave early once the students had occupied the Chancellory.

Having been a student I am sympathetic to the reasons for the protest. 25% is just too high an increase in HECS and the government has ensured the Higher Education sector is now dependent on full-fee paying International students to maintain sustainability.

I'll try and find some links to the protest:

>Some good photos here

> UTS turned pink

> A brief report from the frontline

And in other news, I found a link to Paul Kidd's site. Paul was a journalism student I shared a tutorial with at UTS

Monday, March 29, 2004

New additions

Just added my wife's blog to the sidebar, as well as my RSS feed for people who know how to use those things, and to encourage me to post more.

Also: new car next week, bank willing.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Quick Poll

Which science fiction/fantasy hero/villain is George W Bush?

Is he...

Captain Kirk? - Going boldly where no man has gone before. Using the Prime Directive as more a guideline than an iron-clad law to bring peace to war-torn worlds on behalf of the Federation.

Doctor Who? - Seemingly a bumbling amateur who somehow manages to resolve complex conflicts through a combination of misdirection and superior technology

Aragorn? - Son of a king who has spent years in the wilderness before claiming his rightful inheritance and uniting the free world against tyranny.

John Sheridan? - Nukes solve everything.

Sauron? - His eye is everywhere, and all he wants is ultimate power

Darth Vader? - The rebellion must be crushed at all costs

The Hulk? - You won't like him when he's angry

Elric? - Drug addled anti-hero who gains strength from a weapon of ultimate evil

The Cigarette Smoking Man? - The truth is out there, but not if he can help it