Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Last Film Seen:

24 Hour Party People

The history of Factory Records which brought the world Joy Division, New Order and The Happy Mondays. Steve Coogan stars as Tony Wilson (although, in one of the many asides during the film, he says "The film isn't about me at all") who appears to be the Mancunian version of Malcolm McLaren. Very funny and, from my friend Nat's impromptu commentary, apparently very true as well (although another aside - "When you have the choice between printing the truth and the legend, print the legend." The mixture of archive footage, re-enactments and fourth-wall destruction somehow appear to create a truer version of events than a straight recounting. I was strongly reminded of an updated version of "The Greatest Rock and Roll Swindle", though Tony Wilson obviously took himself far more seriously than Malcolm McLaren.

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